St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

كنيسة القديس جاورجيوس للروم الانطاكيين الارثوذكس

Upland- California - ابلند - كاليفورنيا

The Liturgical worship is the inspired way by the Holy Spirit in the Church to pray and to give thanks to God and to worship Him in the most fervent and authentic way as handed down by the Apostles and the Holy Fathers.

Everyone at the liturgical assembly has his place and his ministry: Priest, deacon, altar boys, choir, chanter and the congregation of the faithful.

The priest is the leader of the liturgical services; the deacons and the altar boys serve with him at the altar and inside the sanctuary while the choir and chanters serve with him from their allocated place on the solea. Because they are serving God, their coordinated harmony is a goal for the higher purpose to lead the congregation into prayer.

The altar boys should attend adequate training in order to serve at the sanctuary. They are expected to follow the prayers attentively. They need to come early before the beginning of the Divine Liturgy in order to receive the blessing to put on their garment to serve.

(1Co 14:40) “Let all things be done decently and in order”.