St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

كنيسة القديس جاورجيوس للروم الانطاكيين الارثوذكس

Upland- California - ابلند - كاليفورنيا

The priest makes the pastoral visit to a woman recovering from birth, immediately after birth or as soon as pastorally suitable to mother and child, at the place of birthing – at home or health-care site, and says a prayer for the mother and for the child.

On the Eight Day the child receives a Name, and the priest visits the child and says a prayer and seals the child by the sign of the Cross on his forehead, mouth and breast.

On the fortieth day the infant is brought by the mother to the church, the priest says a prayer for both of them and the infant is churched into the holy Altar around the holy Table.

Although the customs say Churching at 40 days, it is recommended that the first church visit of the mother with the infant is the day of the Churching, whenever the mother is able to leave the house in order to restart her normal life, and it is safe for the infant to be in public places.

Kindly contact the Pastor of the church for the arrangement of the Churching in advance.

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